Overview of Phase I

Our community has come together to establish a vision of what we want for our Family Justice Center.  This vision includes a broad range of services for victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, child maltreatment, human trafficking and elder abuse.  The scope of this undertaking is not one that will be completed quickly.   With that in mind, over the past several months the CharMeck Family Justice Center Steering Committee has been working on development of a Phase I Co-located Center.
The Phase I Center will not be a family justice center. Instead of being open to the public, this initial model will accept referrals from core partners to address the highest risk cases of abuse.  The development and operation of Phase I will run parallel to the planning, fundraising and establishment of a Charlotte-Mecklenburg Family Justice Center.   
This limited scope collaboration will help to strengthen relationships, evolve community responses, engage other community partners, and continue to enhance the work of numerous community multi-disciplinary teams.  Partners in the Center will develop systems and practices that will be incorporated in our community's Family Justice Center. 

Phase I Services

The Phase I Center will provide core services for adult and child victims of domestic violence, child abuse, and child maltreatment through basic needs and crisis support, non-residential advocacy, and social services support.  Due to space and staffing limitations, the Phase I Center will not serve walk-in clients. 

Location and Planning

The Steering Committee has identified the Children and Family Services (CFSC) building located in Charlotte at 601 East 5th Street for the Center.  CFSC already houses over 10 community based human service organizations. The Phase I Planning Committee is working to secure funding and the Center is  projected to be operational by late spring 2020. 

How Can You Be Involved? 

The Phase I Committee has identified several community partners and survivors to collaborate on an Operations Committee to determine the best practices for operating the Phase I Center.  The Operations Committee would be unable to make the Phase I Center and Charlotte-Mecklenburg Family Justice Center a reality without the input of the community.  To gain this needed input, the Service and Operations Workgroup will be kicked off with an informational meeting in the coming months.  To receive notice of the kickoff meeting, please CLICK HERE.
Stay Informed:
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